3D Technologies and Tools for Surgery

Jaw compromised by cancer (red), models of surgical guides (blue)

Several surgery field can achieve remarkable advantages by integrating a proper design of supporting tools and fixtures into the pre-surgery planning stage.
In the field of maxillo-facial surgery many innovative surgical guides solutions were specifically developed on the patient’s bone geometry to aid the resection process and prosthesis reconstruction.

Presently, the research activities are focused on:

  • the reduction of the surgical operation time,
  • the improvement of the prosthesis positioning
  • the  resulting aesthetic outcome

Partial 3D replica of the patient’s jaw (green), fibula prosthesis segments (pinkish-red). The titanium plate for fixing the bone segments is being modeled on the replica

The advantages thus obtained were:

  • management of complex 3d meshes (repairing, decimation, smoothing, grid etching),
  • conditional selection of meshes sub-domains based on morphology,
  • modeling of surgical guides for maxillo-facial surgery,
  • development of new surgical products.


University project “3D SURGEERED – Protocol design for surgical planning via 3D modeling” (2018-2020, interdisciplinary project)