Festa della Liberazione

On April 25 we participated to Festa della Liberazione organized from the city of Ivrea by presenting a Virtual Reality application to provide a preview of the potential of the Metaverse according to an edutainment approach capable of expanding the possibilities of learning through the use of applications with a strong visual impact.

Thanks to the synergy with the mayor, Matteo Chiantore, and his precious staff, it was possible to involve citizens of all ages in the memory of Ferruccio Nazionale and the events linked to the Partisan Resistance.

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The developed virtual environment reproduces the Ivrea Town Hall square named after Ferruccio Nazionale in a dual version, contemporary and contextualized in 1944, within which anecdotes and curiosities are described in correspondence with specific points of interest.

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It is possible to use the application on all devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs and VR viewers) at this link.

Our interventions are available at this link.


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