Ensuring students are engaged, motivated and challenged throughout their school career is a key priority for teachers. VR and AR are groundbreaking new technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages: from the pre-school education, elementary education, secondary school to university & Higher Education.

Students in fact absorb information much better if they enter a 3D environment that makes everything more fun, exciting and enjoyable. The empathic response triggered by a 360 video is so much more powerful than reading case studies alone (Oh, S.Y., Bailenson, J., Weisz, E. Zaki, J., 2016).

Currently also the vocational training really begins to feel the impact of virtual and augmented reality: immersive 360 environments are used to enhance and complement the real-world training contributing to build a solid exploration and experience based training. In the last years, the research group has focused on vocational training in 360° thanks to European Erasmus+ projects. In particular, 360° environments have been developed to train future entrepreneurs developing their entrepreneurial skills and competences or introducing the world of FabLab.


European project “FARMER4.0 – Farmer teaching and training laboratories” (2018-2020, Erasmus+)

European project “EVA – A European Entrepreneurship VET Model and Assessment Framework for Ethnic Minorities” (2016-2018, Erasmus+).

European project “Open-Alps” (2011-2014, Alpine Space Call).